Cam Newton Offers Another Passenger Cash To Swap Seats on a Flight

Imagine you're taking a flight from Paris to Dallas. You've managed to score a coach seat with some extra legroom (who doesn't love exit rows?); but before you've totally settled in, a guy comes up to you and offers you $1500 to trade seats. He's not looking to sit near a loved one, he just wants your legroom.

That's what former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton did the other day, but it didn't work out for him. Eli Edwards, the passenger who caught the moment on video, tells Business Insider: "The man asked Cam Newton how tall he was. Cam Newton said 'about 6'6".' The man said he was about 6'4" so it wouldn't do him any justice to switch."


So Cam went back to his assigned seat and settled in for an uncomfortable 10-hour flight to Dallas. If you're wondering why Cam Newton, with all his millions, was flying coach, Andy Slater has the answer: "Cam Newton paid for a business class seat from Paris to Charlotte, but missed his flight. His only option to fly home that day was through Dallas in regular economy class with no extra legroom."


Would you have given up your seat for Cam Newton? And would $1500 have been enough? It might depend on who you cheer for. Alabama fans are probably shaking their heads right about now. Saints fans, too....

If I wasn't a Saints fan, I'd have taken the money.

If you ever think you might want to swap seats on a flight, check out this seat-swap etiquette guide. In short, your offer should only include equivalent or better seats than the seat you're trying to get. In this case, Cam definitely wanted a better seat. But the mitigating factor is that he was also throwing in cash considerations. Hmm....


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