Forgot Sunscreen? Gulf Shores Has You Covered!

You've packed up everything for a day at the beach and when you get there, you realize you've left your sunscreen at home.

Or, as may have been the case numerous times when my kids were teens, they left it on purpose and told me they forgot and there was nothing they could do.

The City of Gulf Shores and Blue Cross have you covered... and have just taken away your teens' excuse.

Friday, the City put up free sunscreen stations at the beach... at West Gulf Place, Gulf Place, East Gulf Place and West 6th Street.

And they plan to also install them at parks and city sports complexes.

The idea is to protect beach goers from the sun's harmful rays and prevent skin cancer (so it's easy to see why Blue Cross is on board with this initiative).

Now, to actually get those teens to put the stuff on....



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