Krispy Kreme DELIVERY????

Krispy Kreme is starting delivery. Which means diets everywhere have just been busted.

Well, not everywhere. About 100 Krispy Kreme stores in 15 states will start bringing you donuts . . . as long as you're within about five miles of the store and willing to pay a small delivery fee.

Oh, you know we'll pay the fee!

But our area is not in the initial rollout. In fact, Alabama and Florida aren't on the list at all right now. There's only one Mississippi location, but it's not near the coast.

However, you can sign up on the Krispy Kreme website to get an alert when your zipcode gets added to the list.

“Krispy Kreme is currently in the process of rolling out online ordering across all of its locations and should be complete by the end of 2019.”

Can't wait for the "Hot Now" button on my phone... because you know I'm gonna use it!



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