Dodge Charger Gets Buried on Dauphin Island

UPDATE: NBC-15 reported on the status of the Dauphin Island Dodge, which has become an iconic image from Hurricane Barry and a minor tourist attraction. Dauphin Island Mayor Jeff Collier says it will be up to the owner to get the car out of there (poor guy). So is it still there?


Barry was mostly a rain event in our area, but rain and high surf was quite a problem on Dauphin Island. On Saturday, NBC-15's Nicole Fierro was reporting that the main road to the West End of Dauphin Island was covered with 2-3 feet of sand in some places, 2-3 feet of water in others, and side roads had up to four feet of sand. It was not a good idea to be driving around.

Maybe the most interesting video was from a Dodge Charger that was a little too close to the water and eventually got buried. We have no idea whose car this is, or why it was there. The first time I saw this video, it looked like someone was trying to drive the car, but that was just camera work. Nope, the car is parked... and now it's going to take a bit of work to dig it out.


=> Check out the Severe Weather Gallery from NBC-15 at THIS LINK.



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