How Millennial Are You?

If you follow only one football coach on social media, I highly recommend following Washington State Coach Mike Leach. His social media has some football on it, of course, but it's really just random stuff he finds interesting or funny isn't really so much about football as it is about what interests him. But I've seriously digressed, because this blog post is about "How Millennial Are You?" But I wouldn't have seen it if not for Mike Leach.

So what you do is make note of all the foods/drinks on this list that you've consumed, and add up your score. I got a 6, making me a basic millennial. Not bad for an old GenXer. My six were: avocado toast (yum!), quinoa (less yum), pumpkin spice latte, poke, rose', and I can't help thinking I've consumed bone broth at a fancy restaurant. I'm not sure, though, so 5-1/2.


More Mike Leach on Twitter.... just such an interesting guy.

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