7-Eleven Gives Gifts (and College $$) To The 7-Eleven Baby

Rachel Langford from St. Louis gave birth to her little girl... J'Aime Brown... on July 11th (which is 7/11) at 7:11 P.M. . . . and the baby weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces.

Don't even ask me "what are the odds?"... because probability was my least favorite part of math.

But they've got to be astronomical. The 7-Eleven company called it "one in a million," but I think that's just more of a turn of phrase than an actual calculation.

At any rate, 7-Eleven is celebrating the 7-Eleven baby with gifts... 7-Eleven onesies, diapers, and other baby stuff (presumably with 7-Eleven logos)... and a starter for her college fund, in the amount of $7,111.

Oh, and she gets a free small Slurpee every year on her birthday. (Everyone does, by the way.)



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