There's No Such Thing As A Meth-Gator... But You Can Still Get The T-Shirt

Contrary to what some Tennesseans believe, there is no such thing as a "meth-gator." 

The Loretto, Tennessee police department created the character of the critter as a humorous illustration of the dangers of flushing drugs and other substances down the toilet. 

Of course, some people didn't read closely and thought this was a real problem. So the police department updated their Facebook page to set the record straight.

"Let us be perfectly clear: the meth gator was a humorous illustration used to highlight the dangers of flushing drugs and other substances down your toilet.

Alas, the meth-gator is not real. Let’s say that again: THE METH GATOR IS NOT (at this time) REAL."

Now the department has decided to cash in on the notoriety, as they plan to launch a web site and sell Meth-Gator merchandise with proceeds going to a charity that deals directly with children affected by drug use.

Of course, there's always that person who gets it wrong....

Alabama had the methed-up squirrel, not the meth gator.

American alligator

(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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