Cold Fries and Long Lines...Nothing Worth Shooting or Punching For, Right?

Got so frustrated this morning on the way to work.

Usual scenario. A wreck is causing drivers to detour and there are always those who don't want to wait in line, so they edge around the traffic and cut in line... or they decide "Left turn only" can also mean "Straight ahead" if that's the quickest way to get where they're going... making it more difficult for the other drivers behind them.

My reaction got me thinking about what's worth getting upset over and what's not. Eventually, all the rude drivers got their way and the rest of us got through. No reciprocal rude behavior needed on my part... yelling, honking, cutting people off. Just not worth it, no matter how many of those thoughts pop into your head, right?

But it makes you wonder... why can't other people just breathe and let things go?

Two stories in the news... two cases in point.

A woman gets upset that her fries are cold. Comes back to McDonalds, where the manager is getting her hot fries and a refund. Follows him into the kitchen and fires a shot into the floor.

A woman gets upset that her Fast Pass doesn't work for the "Tower of Terror" ride at Disney World. She gets into an argument with the cast member at the ride and starts trying to push ride buttons... then punches the cast member in the face.

(By the way, did you know that you can get a lifetime ban from Disney??)



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