"Back It Up Terry" Gets New Wheelchair!

"Back it up, Terry! Put it in reverse! Terry!"

The viral firecracker video was funny, but the reason for it was not... Terry's wheelchair wouldn't do what it was supposed to do and there were fireworks exploding all around him.

The wheelchair he got to replace that one wasn't any better, but now he has wheels that work... and his back up mode is back in business!

More on this Memphis man's story here--

Oh, and scroll down to see the bumper sticker on the back of his new ride!

"Put It In Reverse" Terry Needs New Wheelchair
"Put It In Reverse" Terry Needs New Wheelchair
We've all seen the video of Terry, the man who can't make his wheelchair work fast enough to get away from some 4th of July fireworks. Two years later, that...


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