Test Results Are In: What Was Floating in Mobile Bay?

The video of something foul-looking (and reportedly foul-smelling as well) floating in Mobile Bay over the weekend had everyone concerned. Was it raw sewage? An algae bloom?

(**Note: that video has since been removed from Facebook, but you can see it in this NBC 15 report**)

Mobile Baykeeper tested the waters Monday... and called local utilities. There were no reports of a spill and no signs of a spill. And the water tests show bacteria levels below the EPA threshold.

Part of the problem is the stuff that was floating had dispersed in the Bay.

So what was it?

Mobile Baykeeper's Casi Callaway doesn't really know. "For now at least, what we saw in the Facebook video will remain a mystery. There's no clear indication of what it could have been."

They're asking us to call someone immediately when something like this happens-- "You can always call Mobile Baykeeper to report any and all environmental concerns at 433-4229 or submit information at mobilebaykeeper.org/report."

What's That Floating in Mobile Bay?
What's That Floating in Mobile Bay?
A Fairhope man posted a video on Facebook of what he says was "straight up poop....in the bay".


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