Lightning Strike Causes Toilet To Explode

You can't make this stuff up.

And it's another reason why the bathroom is not the best room to be in during a thunderstorm. (Before this, it was the SHOWER I was worried about. Now I'm just gonna steer clear of the bathroom altogether!)

A Florida homeowner is busy cleaning up after a lighting strike caused her toilet to explode.

Marylou Ward told media outlets that she was sitting with her husband in their Port Charlotte home during a thunderstorm when they heard a loud "boom," shortly before they discovered a bathroom toilet in pieces.


It turns out that a lightning strike from the storm hit their septic tank, causing a methane gas explosion to hit the toilet through the pipes.

A plumber reported that the explosion was so forceful it sent pieces of porcelain into the bathroom wall.

Although the toilet, tank, and indoor plumbing is now a wreck, Ward said she felt lucky that it did not cause a bigger blast and no one was hurt.



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