Flora-Bama Sues MTV's "Floribama Shore"

Our first question after hearing that the Flora-Bama Lounge is suing MTV for trademark infringement over the "Floribama Shore" reality show?

What took you so long?????

It seemed so obvious that MTV was trying to play off the Flora-Bama's reputation, even after the Flora-Bama refused to be connected to the show. Two years ago, the owners sent out a press release about it, saying, "We've recently learned that MTV and Viacom are using our name and reputation to promote their latest 'reality' series, after approaching us in 2013 about the same. We've asked them to stop. They've refused."

The show is filming its 3rd season in Tampa Bay...which, unless my geography is really off, is nowhere near anything remotely "bama"

But I guess it takes time to dot the i's and cross the t's... and there's more to sue for, if the show has gained traction (i.e. $$$) and if you can show actual damage to the reputation.

And according to the lawyers, it's all about the show basically hijacking the Flora-Bama's good name. "The longtime beach bar and lounge on the Florida-Alabama line is not affiliated with the show, but misuse of the nationally known trademark has confused people into thinking it is."

"The fact that Viacom and 495 Productions have trampled over Flora-Bama’s trademark rights by simply replacing an 'a' with an 'i' in their ['Floribama Shore'] title is an egregious action that must and will be taken seriously."

All it takes to make you really angry about it is to hear Kenny Chesney talk about (and sing about) the Flora-Bama ... and then see what these kids are doing on MTV.



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