Tears and Cheers in Womens Sports... Serena, Bianca and Simone

There were two big moments in womens sports over the weekend that you need to see, even if you aren't into sports at all.

One had everyone cheering... the other had us in tears.

Together they show us the value of hard work, competition... and good sportsmanship.

Serena Williams was in tears as she retired trailing 3-1 in the first set in Toronto due to an upper back injury, making unseeded teenager Bianca Andreescu the first Canadian woman to win the Rogers Cup in 50 years. It's unclear if Williams, a 23-time grand slam singles champion, will be able to play when the U.S. Open starts in two weeks.

But it wasn't Serena's tears as much as it was Bianca's hug that made this a moment--

WATCH this video, all the way to the end.


Simone Biles is bringing home her sixth all-around title as the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The 22-year-old won four of the five events and landed a triple-double. The difficult move features two flips and three twists and she's the first woman to land it in competition. Biles will compete next at the World Gymnastic Championships in Germany.

You have to watch this!!



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