Mobile's 'American Idol' Auditions Happening on Tuesday

Do you have what it takes to be the next American Idol? Then start practicing for Tuesday's auditions in Mobile. The venue has now been announced, and they'll happen at GulfQuest National Maritime Museum.

Taylor Hicks became the second Alabama winner, when he won Season 5 a million years ago. Okay, it was only 2006, but it really seems like forever! Ruben Studdard was the state's first winner, back in Season 2.

Over at, they caught up with Taylor and he offered some advice for potential Idols.

  • Don't sing songs that aren't "in your wheelhouse just because they are popular."
  • You can play an instrument, but you risk hiding behind it. And the judges are first and foremost about the singing.
  • Skip the gimmicks, because they want to be dazzled by your talent.
  • Producers like it when their contestants have a story, but Taylor warns not to give more than a glimpse early on.
  • Don't spend your time in line talking on the phone. You need to keep your voice fresh.


With apologies to the infamous Pants on the Ground audition, you must be between the ages of 15 and 28.

Check this LINK for complete eligibility requirements. GulfQuest is in Downtown Mobile, at 155 S. Water.


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