Pumpkin Spice SPAM?

It started out as a joke on Facebook, but now it's a thing.

Should it be? Or has the pumpkin spice craze gone too far?

A website called The Daily Meal got an advanced sample to try it out . . . so they cooked it up and tasted it.

They say that as it was cooking, quote, "the combined scent of heavily processed ham and sweet pumpkin spice was a bit off-putting" . . . but when they ate it, quote, "the flavor really wasn't bad."

One taster actually said it would go well with eggs and waffles.

It goes on sale on September 23rd, and it'll only be available online at Spam.com and Walmart.com.

I'll pass.

My advice? Stick to Pumpkin Spice Lattes.... coming Aug 21 to Dunkin' and Aug 27 to Starbucks.



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