What a Job! Watch 25 Hours of "Friends" and Tweet About It for $1,000!

Attention, "Friends" superfans... here's the perfect job for you!

Frontier Communications is currently accepting applications from "Friends" superfans who are willing watch the show for 25 hours and live-Tweet about the experience. You can have YOUR friends join in, and photograph the party.

It's 25 hours because the show is celebrating its 25th anniversary. In that time, a person could watch more than 60 episodes of the show, which is about one-fourth of the 236 episodes.

Sadly, the "lucky" fan does NOT have to watch all 25 hours at once, they have one week to complete the job. The fan will get $1,000 for their trouble, along with a year subscription to Netflix (or a Visa gift card for the value), plus "Friends" swag.

Apply online for the Friends Dream Job by Sept 3rd. You'll get an email by Sept 10th letting you know if you're "hired" or not...and you have to finish watching your 60-something episodes by Sept 22nd.



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