"Friends" or "Seinfeld:" Which Classic Show is Better?

Jerry Seinfeld is no longer the world's highest paid comedian, according to Forbes, a title he's held for twelve of the past thirteen years. (Make way for the new earnings king... Kevin Hart). And possibly because of that piece of news, and/or because there has been a lot of Friends news lately (like THIS), an Australian news organization posed a question that is stirring passionate debate on social media: "OK, let's settle this... 'Friends' Vs 'Seinfeld': Which show is better?"


I have watched every episode of Seinfeld and there are so many lines from that show that we continue to repeat today -- "No Soup for You," for example -- that I've got to give Seinfeld the nod. The show was genius, and there has been nothing like it before or since. That gets my vote.

But it's a hard comparison, because the shows are so different from each other. While it's easy to like both, the one you like most probably says more about the types of shows you prefer. Seinfeld thrives on snark, while Friends is ... well, a lot friendlier.

So... what's your favorite?



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