USA Today: Flora-Bama Belongs on Your Bucket List

The Flora-Bama is rightfully famous. The iconic establishment has been going strong since 1964, although it got battered by Hurricane Ivan and had to rebuild. They took the opportunity to rebuild it bigger and better, while also managing to keep its quirky character intact. A couple of years ago, Washington State football coach Mike Leach was asked about the best party he'd ever been to, and he started talking about the Flora-Bama. Check out his answer in the Facebook post below.


Now USA Today is showing the Flora-Bama some love, saying it's a stop that needs to be on your bucket list. The article highlights the Flora-Bama's affordable food and drink options (including their best-selling Bushwhacker for $7.50), live music, oddball events (read: Mullet Toss), and its incredible location on the Gulf.

For Gulf Coast residents, the Flora-Bama is anything but a secret. And it hasn't been much of a secret nationally for awhile, come to think of it. Check out its latest love note in the latest article at THIS LINK.



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