Tennessee Vols Fan Posts Ridiculous Craigslist Ad and Gets Mocked

It's a pretty amazing "combination of desperation and confidence," as one of the comments stated on the website Saturday Down South. The comment was about a Craigslist ad recently posted by a Tennessee Volunteers fan who had recently broken up with his girlfriend at the worst possible time.

With football season coming up, he needed someone to go to the games with him. But rather than humbly ask someone to go with him, this guy posted an ad that went downhill fast. It seemed somewhat reasonable that the person he goes with would also share his love of Tennessee football, or at least not be cheering for the other team; but the rest of his demands were... well, let's just say "bless his heart."


Not only does he want to take one or maybe several women to games over the course of the 2019 football season, he also makes it clear that it will be entirely on his terms. They'll go early and stay late, and there will be "bonus points" if she can cook up a tasty dish. His rules include no drunks, no drugs, no vulgar language. And best of all, the woman (or women) must buy their own ticket at face value. Or as he described it: "You cant (sic) lowball the best games and expect the lesser games to be near free." This guy has such a way with words.

His boldest moment comes at the very end: "Tell me why I should pick you?"

I'd be so curious to see if our desperately confident Vols fan has any luck with this approach. Somehow, I think it will be about as successful as Tennessee football has been the last couple of years.


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