Buckle Up & Move Over! New Traffic Laws in Alabama on Sept 1

Starting Sunday, some new traffic laws take effect in Alabama.

One requires EVERYONE in the car to be buckled... yes, we're talking about those back seat passengers! Believe it or not, a driver is twice as likely to be killed when there's an unbelted passenger in the backseat! (WATCH this crash test dummy video to see why!)

The other requires drivers to keep RIGHT except to pass. It's the anti-road rage law, designed to get slow drivers to move over, so faster drivers aren't getting impatient, making improper lane changes, and creating an environment that could lead to accidents.

When this was a hot-button topic in the legislature, Mason did a blog showing why camping out in the left lane is so dangerous.

And in Gulf Coast Focus, Alabama State Trooper Lt Joe Piggott talks about the new law... and the lack of common sense and common courtesy that has created the environment for road rage.

So people... BUCKLE UP... and MOVE OVER.

It's easy. And it's the law.

Keep Right: Why "Camping" in the Left Lane Is So Dangerous
Keep Right: Why "Camping" in the Left Lane Is So Dangerous
The Alabama House has passed a bill to ticket drivers who stay in the left lane without passing. Here's why it's a good idea and could save lives.


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