If You Don't RSVP On Time, Please Bring A Chair And A Sandwich

We've gotten very lazy when it comes to responding to invitations. And I'm as guilty as anyone.

I set it aside, waiting to see what my schedule is going to be like, before sending in a response. Next thing I know, I've missed the deadline.

And part of me wants to assume they'll assume I'm not coming. The guilty part just goes ahead and lets them know. Because at that point, I'm feeling too guilty to go.

This couple has reignited the RSVP debate by including a veiled threat to guests who miss the deadline. Ok, maybe not so veiled.

"If you do not RSVP by September 10th, please bring a chair and a sandwich."

I especially like one of the responses this post got on Reddit-- they didn't include the venue on the invitation. You had to RSVP to get it. Now THAT's thinking!

And I really like the wedding websites, like The Knot, where you can RSVP, get venue info, gift registry etc.

The RSVP function can be especially helpful when the dog eats your RSVP cards.



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