WATCH: Too Much Rain, Too Fast

I wish I had stayed at work. But the rain just wouldn't slack off, and I thought I could get through downtown before it got too bad.

Not my best decision.

Pulling over, however, was. I got off Government St at the Winn Dixie at Weinacker's Shopping Center and rode out the storm for over an hour. I parked next to the building, which was on an incline, so I wasn't worried about water building up around me (which happened to people in other area parking lots... see the pics below)

Still, after over an hour, the roads were terrifying (at least to me, because my car is rather low to the ground). But I felt that as long as I could see the lines on the road, and could keep moving, I'd be ok.

I also prayed aloud, rather loudly...

Lots of people were stranded Thursday afternoon in Mobile and dozens had to be rescued from flooded roads when 7 to 9 inches of rain fell in just a couple of hours. No drainage system can keep up with that.

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