Food News: A Weird New Pringles Flavor

Pringles appears determined to join Oreos in the parade of weird flavors being unveiled. For the makers of Pringles, who once argued in court that their potato crisps were actually were no such thing, I guess nothing should surprise us. And even though we're not quite sure what to call them, Pringles really are all kinds of processed deliciousness! Now with even more unusual flavors being released on unsuspecting Target shoppers, the argument that they aren't a potato crisp at all is starting to be ... well, compelling. (And if you're wondering why they can't just be called "chips," the 42% potato content of Pringles has always meant they don't qualify as a chip).

Enter two new flavors of Pringles:

  • Parmesan and Roasted Garlic
  • Rotisserie Chicken


I'm actually liking the sound of Parmesan and Roasted Garlic and will definitely want give them a try. But Rotisserie Chicken? I mean, I like rotisserie chicken and Pringles. But I'm not sure they work together. No word on when these two new flavors will hit the shelves... all we have is "soon."


[Thumbnail Photo by Getty Images]


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