Scrunchies: Middle Schoolers' New Crush Gift

Usually when I see scrunchies mentioned on Facebook, it's because someone has made a bunch of new ones, in school colors or Halloween themes.

But the other day I noticed a post from a mom who said she finally found out why her middle school-aged daughter was constantly asking her to buy new ones.

It's not that she was losing them. Apparently, she was giving them away.

A mom in North Carolina ratted out middle schoolers all over the country when she posted about how many she was finding in her dryer when she washed her son's clothes. And she asked other moms to stop buying them for their daughters.

Light bulbs went off in homes across America.

Oh, and the mom who started all this also noted that boys are giving girls their hoodies. That's a much more expensive way to show affection, and as a mom with a son, I understand her need to nip that one in the bud.

Four velvet hair scrunchies.

(Photo credit: Getty Images/CaronB)


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