Mark Ingram Returns to Tuscaloosa... And Leaves with a Baby Girl

It was Homecoming Weekend at the University of Alabama, but it was a lot more than that for Mark Ingram. The Tide's first ever Heisman Trophy winner returned to Tuscaloosa to reunite with his 2009 National Championship team on its 10th anniversary. And while that was fun, it's almost certain not to be what Mark Ingram will most remember about an incredible weekend. Because on early Sunday morning, his wife Chelsea unexpectedly gave birth to their fourth child.

They were planning to have the baby in Maryland, where Mark Ingram currently plays football for the Baltimore Ravens. But little Mayla had other plans and decided she was ready for her big entrance. As mom wrote on Instagram: "Almost a 1,000 miles away from where we were supposed to give birth, our little ‘Bama Belle’ had a little celebration planned of her own as she entered the world in a city that is special in so many ways."

I gotta say, it was pretty impressive that Mark could find a photographer in the middle of the night. Of course, if you're in Tuscaloosa and you're Mark Ingram, it's probably not all that tough.


Mark and Chelsea Ingram now have four young children. Their third was born in March 2018 and is also named Mark. The couple also has two other girls named Mila and Myla.

Congratulations! It was truly a big Homecoming Weekend for Mark Ingram, and now little Mayla will return to her home in Baltimore.


Yes, Baltimore! Mark Ingram signed a deal with the Ravens following the 2018 season. He was my wife's favorite Saints player ("Roll Dat!?!"), and a fan favorite in New Orleans. Hopefully, he'll retire a New Orleans Saint. He should a lock to make the Saints Hall of Fame.



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