Only Well-Behaved Children Allowed...

So how do you feel about this?

An Arby's in Minnesota is apologizing for posting a sign saying only well-behaved children will be welcome.

The sign on the Arby's front door went viral after a parent posted a photo of it on social media. It said kids must keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats or they'll be asked to leave.

A mom with 2 kids told a TV station that she made it through dinner without issue, but she was nervous the entire time, afraid they'd get thrown out if her son dropped his fries or stood up in his seat.

The fast-food chain admits the language was insensitive and says the manager has been disciplined.

But a lot of people think it's about time that restaurants stood up to unruly kids who make dining out difficult for others.

Me? I don't think children should be allowed to run around and create problems... but this is a fast-food restaurant, not a fine dining establishment. It's not going to be a quiet place.

If you want quiet, go to a coffee shop or something that isn't billed as a family restaurant.

And if you go to (or run) a family restaurant, give the parents a break if they're trying to keep their kids under control. It's not an easy job.



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