10 Year Old's Christmas List Goes Viral After Dad Posts on Twitter

A young girl is swinging for the fences this holiday season. The ten-year-old's Christmas list has gone viral since her father posted it to Twitter, saying she "must be out of her mind." 

The list starts out asking for an iPhone 11, Air Pods and a Mac Book Air. She also wants a real bunny, clothes for the bunny, shoes, a Chanel purse and much more. 

Even after all of the expensive requests, the girl also asked for four-thousand dollars! (I guess that's for incidentals not covered by the list?)


Don't worry, Dad; you're not alone. Other kids also have pretty hefty lists.

Like this one. Some are extravagant... some are just plain difficult!

Good luck with #2... World Peace. (Did she just watch "Miss Congeniality"?)

#15 and #16 aren't easy either-- Mom to get a baby (?!?!) and Iyla to "stop picking your nose".

Christmas is going to be interesting at this house!



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