World's Largest Green Bean Casserole

I make the green bean casserole every Thanksgiving, but not THIS big of a batch!

Green Giant is now in the record books for the largest green bean casserole. It weighed in at a whopping 1009-pounds today in New York City. 

That's a lot of green beans! (Yes, there's an official estimate-- 125-thousand individually cut Green Giant green beans or about one-thousand-69 cans.)

And everything else the recipe calls for-- 485 cans of mushroom soup, 65 quarts of milk and 95 pounds of French-friend onions. 

Ten chefs (and one Green Giant) worked for eight hours to prep and cook the casserole. It breaks the former record, also set by Green Giant back in 2017, by 372 pounds.

And before you start complaining that it's a waste... the company says it's using the casserole to feed about 3,000 elderly New Yorkers through the Citymeals on Wheels non-profit program. 



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