Pitfalls of Working From Home (At Least In My House)

Working from home definitely has its plus side, especially when we need to distance ourselves to stay well.

But there are pitfalls. And while broadcasting from home IS a thing which may happen sooner than later, I'm personally rooting for later. Because my husband and daughter are already working from home, and I'm not sure there's enough bandwidth to go 'round. And that may be the least of my problems.

After checking in at home, I've been advised of several distractions:

Netflix. The dog. The refrigerator.

And already they've encountered issues with video conference calls, including:

  • someone whose spouse kept wandering into the picture, wanting to say Hi! to everyone on the call
  • someone whose baby spilled coffee all over them and their couch (white couch, of course) during a call
  • someone who forgot to mute before griping about something the boss just said
  • the dog barking in the middle of your call

So let's try to be on the radio in the middle of all that? No thank you! I've spent the last 22 years at Mix 99.9 in a quiet studio, and I'm not sure I can handle trying to do this at home.

But if you hear a dog or a conference call or someone opening the fridge when I'm on the air, you'll know what happened. I'm at home, for the duration.

Don't want to leave this on a crabby note! There are some things we can do to make this work well for all involved.

Like a "Happy Hour" conference call with a few co-workers at the end of the day, to de-stress. I love that idea!

And I love the way my daughter signs on to a conference call... "Here! And blessed to have a job"

Amen to that.

And for the record, I will still "dress for work" because I don't want to get caught in the background of a conference call of my husband's or daughter's and end up going viral.

placeholder image

(Photo credit: Becca, Mary's daughter)

Oh, and don't even start with the technical side of this!!! Here's my co-worker trying to get on the radio!

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