Mirrors, Liars and Handmaids ALL within 4 DAYS?! OH MY!

Black Mirror announced it's release date today and sent me into a COMPLETE TIZZY! I love this sci-fi, futuristic nightmare of a beautiful show SO MUCH. See the BRAND NEW TRAILER here and watch carefully (if you like to sleep and not overthink your future) on JUNE 5th!


The Handmaid's Tale will release its long-awaited 3rd season on the same day! See the trailer below. While you can Bing on Black Mirror, Handmaids's Tale releases weekly on Hulu so we must be patient. "Under His Eye". JUNE 5th!


And Finally....FINALLY....2 years later.....

BIG LITTLE LIES IS BACK!! See what's going on with the crew in Cali below... I CANNOT WAIT! This one airs just 4 days after the other two on June 9th!



Johnna is a "Gulf Coast Girl" through and through. With family spanning from Vancleave to Pensacola and every tiny town in between. She is a mommy to a 10yr old little girl who she describes as her "mini me". Johnna's intense passion for the Gulf...


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