Bobby, Eddie, and my accidental...well, you'll see..


Where do I even begin? I guess we can start with the car ride to the casino. For whatever reason, I couldn't shake the nerves. Knowing I was about to have to get onstage in front of 1100 people and win them over had really taken its toll on me. So, what happened when nerves got the best of me? I started sweating and wore napkins in my pits the whole way over. If this still sounds like a blog you want to read, proceed. If not, Sorry for the sweaty pits stuff.

Bobby and I first met last year when he came to the Golden Nugget for the Red Hoodie Comedy tour. Similar sweat situation then, but not because of nerves. You see, the show was the same day as Blues Over Biloxi. My co-worker Taylor and I were set to work the Blue Angels Show until around 3, go shower in a friends hotel room, and then head to the meet and greet with our winners, presumably looking all cute by that point. I even bought a special red hoodie dress. As my universe would have it, things didn't quite work out that way. Instead, Taylor and I (completely disgusting from the Blues) happened to grab our bags and enter the hotel lobby at the exact same moment Bobby and Mike D arrived from the airport. So Taylor, being the excited and extremely positive person she is, took her shot and yelled out for Bobby. I was mortified. That's the set up for this conversation (which I will never forget).

Taylor: Hi! We work for iHeart! We are running your meet and greet and hosting the show tonight. I'm basically the Morgan number 2 of the Gulf Coast.

Bobby: Oh awesome! So nice to meet you.

Taylor: Can we snap a pic? Then we can just circle up with you later.

**Bobby and Tay snap a pic and then it's my turn. Me. The girl who sweats more than any female. The one who had mud all over the back of her legs from the Blues. Pretty sure I also had hives by this point and smelled like the kid in Big Daddy that Scuba Steve had to force to take a bath.**

Bobby: You want one?

Me: Of Course. Look, I'm so sorry. I'll be much cuter after a shower...I swear.

Bobby: You couldn't be cuter if you tried.

God Bless Febreeze.

It had to have been one of the biggest fibs he'd ever told to make someone feel less self-conscious, but I appreciated the kindness more than he will ever know.

So, you see, I wasn't nervous about seeing Bobby. He's just a normal dude and adorkable. I honestly have no clue what had my nerves shaken like that other than the normal stage anxiety which consists of thoughts like, "what if my heels are too high and I fall and my dress goes over my head?? I'll end up going viral in Spanx!" or "what if I try to be funny and not only do they not laugh, but they boo?". Every single person in media has that fear. If they say they don't, tell them I called them a liar.

Fast forward to the meet and greet and show. The meet and greet for Bobby and Eddie consisted of about 30 precious humans who were big fans. Some made posters with phrases from the show. Some brought gifts. One brought a multi-pack of Sharpies in all sizes because Bobby loves them. SO CUTE and SO MUCH LOVE in that room. It was good to see Bobby again but I had never met Eddie until Friday and y'all, let me tell you...he is the sweetest human! We laughed and laughed. He made fun of Bobby and Bobby messed with him right back. But what I was most impressed with was the authenticity. Both Bobby and Eddie spent genuine time with each one of our listeners and friends, asking about their lives. They wanted to know where they were from, how long they've been listening, etc. Mostly, they wanted to thank these people for being such loyal fans. They hugged every person and it actually made me tear up a bit. You don't find that kind of active listening and engaging in every meet and greet, but this, these guys, they were real.

I went last at the meet and greet. I asked the guys to sign a few books to give away mid-show to listeners, and of course, to sign my ukulele. We laughed a lot, and you can see that below, but at one moment, I knew we were running short on time and Bobby and Eddie were picking on each other, so I guess being scared of time running out and wanting to but refraining from saying "yo, can we take this pic or what?'...this accidental creep-face happened. GUYS. I LOOK LIKE A PSYCHOPATH. I LOOK LIKE CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND. WHY AM I THE WAY THAT I AM?

what the face?!

I spent the next 45 minutes trying not to think about how awkward I had surely made it. I briefly took the stage and then The Raging Idiots SLAYED the crowd! This show is a mixture of music and stand-up. Bobby and Eddie were both laugh out loud funny, as was their special guest Emma Klein (look her up. She's going places!). The crowd sang all the favorites like Chick-Fil-A on Sunday, When I Taste Chipotle, and my personal favorite, Hobby Lobby Bobby. With the help of two guys who already felt like friends that we hang with each morning, a simple Friday night turned into one that will most likely stand out in the minds of many for years to come. Thank you to K99 Country and 95KSJ Country for showing up to support our morning boys, and for making me feel calm on stage so that a Spanx incident didn't scar you all for life. You're truly the best.

PS- one day when Bobby runs for president, feel free to take my crazy girl photo and make the most fun memes out of it. Hell, do it now! I'm laughing again just looking and my idiocy.



Johnna is a "Gulf Coast Girl" through and through. With family spanning from Vancleave to Pensacola and every tiny town in between. She is a mommy to a 10yr old little girl who she describes as her "mini me". Johnna's intense passion for the Gulf...


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