Got a Mardi Gras Tree? We Have One and City of Mobile's Getting One Too!

You asked for it, we're getting it... a Mardi Gras Tree in downtown Mobile, apparently in time for the first parades of the 2020 season!

It all started when crews began taking down the Christmas tree in Mardi Gras Park and some people pointed out that it was a shame it wasn't being re-purposed with decorations for carnival season.

Lots of people do that in homes and businesses. We have a Mardi Gras tree in our iHeart Radio lobby (see below).

So... the search was on for the proper colored decorations... Mobile's official Mardi Gras colors are Purple and Gold. (New Orleans adds Green to that mix, btw.)

According to George Talbot with the Mayor's office, gold was easy to find. Purple, not so much.

But the decorations are in, the tree's back up, and the transformation is underway.

Stay tuned for word on a lighting ceremony.... hopefully before the first parade rolls on February 7th!

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