Do's and Don'ts of Mobile Mardi Gras

There are actually rules to follow during the season of Misrule in Mobile!

And failure to follow the rules can cost you-- $150 to get your car back if it's towed, $298 if you get a ticket for crossing the barricades.

Here are a few things you should know from City of Mobile:

  • Attend parades in groups with family or friends. 
  • Glass containers are prohibited by city ordinance 
  • Do not follow floats. Violators may be arrested. 
  • Do not throw any object in the direction of floats, band members or any parade participants. Violators may be arrested. 
  • Materials known as "Silly String" and "Snap & Pops" along with similar products are illegal. Possession of any of these products may result in arrest. 
  • Do not cross the barricades. Each officer will be carrying a ticket book and will be issuing citations for the offense. The fine for crossing the barricades is $298. 
  • No underage drinking is allowed. Special undercover police details arrest violators. 
  • If you need police assistance during a parade, go to the nearest intersection and advise a uniformed police officer. 
  • Choose a well-lit area for night parade viewing. 
  • Establish a post-parade meeting place for family and friends in case you become separated. 
  • Park vehicles in secure areas and do not leave valuables in plain sight. Utilize the trunk to store valuables. 
  • Uniformed and plainclothes officers will be patrolling behind the crowds to identify and arrest persons engaging in criminal activity. 
  • Pets are prohibited during the parades downtown. 
  • Skateboards and motorized scooters are prohibited.

And of course, there are rules about PARKING as well, so your car doesn't get towed ($150 to get it back!). Get those HERE.

Photo: Mary Booth WMXC-FM iHeart

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