How Daylight Saving Time Makes Your Job Harder

A new survey from Career Builder finds that Daylight Saving Time seriously messes up our heads and affects us on the job... or at least that's how people feel.  

1.  It seems like your day goes slower.  

2.  Being tired makes you feel less motivated.

3.  It makes you less productive.

4.  You have a harder time remembering stuff.

5.  It takes longer to complete certain tasks.

6.  You get irritated by your coworkers more easily.

7.  You make more mistakes.

8.  It makes you resent your job more.

Let's face it... our sleep affects our job.  And our job affects our sleep.   The best part of the survey was this list of crazy dreams about work.... anything sound like something you've dreamed?

  • Tyrannosaurus rex worked at my office.
  • I showed up to work three hours late, and I was only half dressed. That was OK though, because we have a relaxed dress code. The problem was I had not realized the Queen of England was visiting, and I felt embarrassed.
  • I work with software. While I was pregnant, I had a dream that I had to upload my unborn baby at the end of every day, or she'd lose her development for the day.
  • My coworker had a baby but wrapped it in a burrito wrapper.
  • I was naked getting ready to get on a roller coaster while trying to reconcile an account I'm working on.
  • My boss and I were mowing a lawn in the clouds on a go-kart.
  • My boss adopted me and my coworkers. He got us housing and took us shopping.
  • Famous people worked with me in place of my coworkers.
  • I drove the forklift home from work.
  • I opened a "bank and brew" where customers, after doing their banking business, had a choice of craft beers and tapas.


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