Pink Issues An Internet Challenge-- Are You Up To It?

Pink has had her share of criticism online. And to be fair, she's dished out a lot too. Pink has a history of engaging with online trolls.

Pink recently stopped allowing comments on her posts, and that's a productive step. But now she wants to go another step toward a more civil Internet.

And while I'm not going to promote it as titled by Pink (you'll see), I do think the gist of it is VERY MUCH in need of promotion.

Here's the challenge: "Go ONE day without criticizing someone online."

For some, eating a laundry pod or choking back cinnamon would be easier than restraining their need to criticize.

However, the tongue (and by extension, the keyboard) can be just as deadly.

Oh, and if you make it through that ONE day? Pink says "why not go TWO DAYS"?

It's a start.

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Photo credit: Getty Images

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