Someone's Stealing Beach Warning Flags!

Someone is stealing beach warning flags in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The issue isn't just the cost to replace them, it's the danger it represents to other beachgoers who need to heed those warnings.

For example, today in Orange Beach, there are yellow and purple flags flying. Yellow flags urge swimmers to be cautious due to moderate surf and rip currents; purple is for dangerous marine life... in this instance, jellyfish.

If someone took those tags, swimmers wouldn't know the danger.

The really scary part? The most popular flags to steal have been the double red ones, which mean the water is closed to the public beause it's too dangerous. Information that could save lives...

This is a post from last week, but it gives you the information you need about beach flags and the number to call to check on beach conditions:

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

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