Bama Bid Day Means Big Lines Outside Bars in Tuscaloosa

Sunday was Bid Day for sororities at the University of Alabama. And I saw a lot of posts on Facebook celebrating their daughters getting into various sororities. It brought back a lot of fun memories.

But things are different this year. And what should be a carefree kind of day can't be, due to COVID-19. Families couldn't join in on the celebration. Masks had to be worn, etc.

Bars opened early for Bid Day. And the crowds stretched for blocks... not social distancing, not wearing masks. There was an outcry on Twitter, including from the University's Athletic Director.

Bar owners like Jeff Sirkin at Gallettes say they can't be expected to patrol what happens OUTSIDE their bars. And Tusacaloosa police report that none of the bars exceeded capacity.

In all, there were 12 mask citations and 4 arrests....and lots of viral photos.

(Photo: Getty Images)