Take Care Of Myself? Seriously? How?

I'll admit it.

I'm exhausted.

I've been stretched so thin...well, there's got to be a hole-ly pizza joke in there somewhere.

And my aunt just reminded me (as so many of my friends have) of the importance of taking care of myself, not just taking care of others.

My response? I know. Just not sure how, LOL.

Not much of a response, is it?

So I did a little research. And it doesn't take much research to find ways to take care of yourself.

But here's a list that may help you... and me. At least it's a starting point, right?

5 ways to protect your mental health and cultivate hopefulness:

  1. Get exercise and enough sleep: taking care of your body will also take care of your mind
  2. Reduce caffeine, alcohol and tobacco consumption: they can negatively impact your anxiety
  3. Practice deep breathing exercises: it can regulate involuntary bodily functions and help ease symptoms of stress-related disorders (4-2-6... Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 2, breathe out for 6. Repeat. Gotta keep breathing!)
  4. Turn your phone off for a bit: whether it's election results or COVID-19 news, or whatever – decide what time you’re going to check the news/social media, then turn off your phone and do something else until then
  5. Find a way to make a difference: helping others is a great way to feel better – take some time to get involved with something you’re passionate about

Ok, now that I'm thinking in the right direction, let me add to this list something that we have in abundance here on the Gulf Coast and we don't even realize the therapeutic benefits.

Find yourself some BLUE SPACE. Water. Listen to the waves. Sit and breathe. It truly makes a difference.

(Photo: Getty Images)