Sorry, But Those "Secret Sister"/"Secret Santa" Gift Exchanges Are A Scam

I'm too chicken to tell my Facebook friends when they try to get me into one of these gift exchanges... but the "Secret Sister"/"Secret Santa" things that promise 6 gifts for 1? That's a scam... and illegal. And it doesn't really work anyway.

I've gotten a few invites so far this season, but I didn't want to hurt their feelings... so I just untagged myself.

One of my friends did speak up and let them know it was a scam. There were hurt feelings, as well as disbelief.

So, for the sake of friendships, if someone asks you to join.... just show them this:

The Better Business Bureau and the United States Postal Service are warning people about participating in online "Secret Sister" or "Secret Santa" exchanges. BBB officials say the online gift exchanges are pyramid schemes, and rely on recruitment to keep the scam afloat. Once people stop participating, the gifts stop coming and leave hundreds disappointed. USPS leaders say the exchanges are a form of gambling, making them illegal with possible penalties of jail time, fines, or lawsuits for mail fraud.

(Photo: Getty Images)