Krewe of Porches Flips Traditional Mardi Gras Parade

How do you have Mardi Gras without parades? It's something that's been talked about a lot from Mobile to New Orleans.

One idea is a virtual celebration, which is what they're doing in New Orleans.

And float houses are popping up here and there.

But Ocean Springs is taking that idea a step further. They're flipping the traditional Mardi Gras parade with the Krewe of Porches.

Now through February 8th, residents can decorate their porches and storefronts, and register to be part of a "parade" route with the public voting for their favorites on social media.

There's also word of a Mobile Porch Parade in the works. Check this site for the latest on that effort.

So my only question is, do we throw beads as we drive by?