Scam Alert: Gift Card Scam on Messenger

The Mobile Police Department has been alerted of a scam happening on Facebook Messenger and needs the public to beware. The most recent victim to report the scam was an elderly woman. She stated that her Facebook friends account was hacked, and the scammer posed as one of her family members. The elderly woman lost $500 and gave them a copy of her driver's license.

The way the scammers work is that they pose as your family member or friend via Facebook Messenger saying that there is funding available, and they know an attorney that knows how to research it to get you money. They tell you that they received $3,000 and all they had to do was pay the attorney $500 in gift cards.

In order for you to receive the $3,000, they give you a phone number to text message them your information. You go purchase $500 in gift cards and text message them a picture of the numbers on the gift cards and a picture of your driver's license.  

From there, the scammer sends you a picture of a FedEx package that appears to have money inside of a 5X7 envelope.  

The scammers now have access to the money on the gift cards as well as your driver's license information. They will never mail you the money. 

Advice from MPD: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. The government will never ask you to send them gift cards. Always call your Facebook friends or family members directly to verify if what was sent was really from them. In addition, never send anyone your personal information, social security number or banking information.

(Photo: Getty Images)