She Saved A Life, Passed Her Nursing Exam, And Had Her Baby On The Same Day

International Women's Day and Women's History Month... part of what all this is about is providing inspiration and letting women know that you can do amazing things when you need to.

An incredible example of that, a Colorado Springs woman who saved a life, took her nursing exam, and gave birth to her son... all in the same day.

Her sister shared Meredith Bates' story on TikTok.

Meredith was having contractions, but the doctor thought her anxiety over the nursing exam was an issue. And since the baby wasn't quite ready to arrive, she left the hospital to go take the exam.

When she stopped by Starbucks, there was a woman having a heart attack and Meredith was the only medical person there... so she helped save that woman's life.

Then she took her exam and went back to the hospital, where she gave birth to her son, Jack.

Oh, and she passed her exam.

(Photo: Getty Images)