Do You Have Vodka In Your Laundry Room? You Should!

Here's a laundry tip you probably haven't tried-- vodka! Spray it on clothes, shoes, even gym bags to get odors out! At least, that's what "The Laundry Guy" says to do--

Patric Richardson is the host of HGTV's new show "The Laundry Guy" and he swears by using vodka to remove odors.

Richardson says a spray bottle of vodka is one of his essentials in the laundry room. And he says you can spray it on ANYTHING to get the odors out-- sneakers, or if the dog lays on your sofa, or if you smell like perfume after someone hugs you.

And no, it won't leave you smelling like you just left the bar, because vodka is odorless when it dries.

He also recommends a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle of vinegar & water as part of your laundry arsenal, to remove stains.

(Photo: Getty Images)