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Words We Have Trouble Pronouncing

We all have some words we avoid because we have trouble pronouncing them.

I have trouble with "digital" and "rural". You?

Luckily, there are lots on this list from Reddit that we don't have to use often!

1. Rural


2. Brewery


3. Marlboro


4. Posthumously


5. Worcestershire sauce


6. Sixth


7. Anemone


8. Hamster.  (It's not "hampster.")


9. Espresso.  (It's not "expresso.")


10. Acai, pronounced "Ah-sa-ee."


11. Realtor


12. Negligible


13. Gyro


14. Proselytize


15. Abominable


16. Metastasized


17. Phenomenon


18. February


19. Amortization


20. Someone said, "For some reason I really have to focus when I say "rear wheel drive."


Words text from wooden blocks

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