Gerry Sandusky is NOT Jerry Sandusky

Nobody likes Jerry Sandusky. The disgraced former assistant coach at Penn State's crimes are well known; and now, his son Jeffrey has been arrested on his own set of sex abuse charges

This is obviously the type of crime that seriously angers people. Anyone who would hurt kids isn't going to get much (if any) sympathy. Pray for their forgiveness, or hope they rot in hell -- that's your call. But no good purpose is served by lashing out on social media. If for no other reason, it's too easy to lash out at the wrong person!


Gerry Sandusky with a G is a sportscaster in Baltimore, and he went through this five years ago when the original story with Jerry Sandusky broke. Of course, social media has only grown bigger and louder and meaner in the intervening five years. So I can only imagine some of the nasty messages he's received. On the other hand, some of the responses to his tweet have allowed us to share a laugh or two.... which is something I need when I hear stories like that of Jerry with a J, and now his son Jeffrey. Check out some of the responses to Gerry with a G's tweet. 


It does make you wonder how many guys named Hitler still exist. Sometimes the name is just ... toxic, and it has to be changed. But in this case, I think most people can figure out the difference between the good Gerry and the bad Jerry. (And remember, this plea for social media sanity wouldn't be complete if I didn't remind you that there is probably more than one Jerry Sandusky in the world too, and the one we all remember doesn't get to have a Twitter account in prison). 

Gerry with a G at least understands this is merely an inconvenience, and when one person suggested he was "the real victim," he set the record straight....



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