PHOTOS: Comic Cowboys Parade Courts Controversy


UPDATE: The Comic Cowboys have responded to this year's parade controversy, with a letter to Councilman Fred Richardson. Promising to "cease from comments which may be hurtful to our citizens," they state they there "was no racial intent to create any division in our city." No apology, but maybe a lesson learned?

The original story is posted below...


The Comic Cowboys Mardi Gras parade is unique. Rather than beautifully decorated floats, they parade with a bunch of signs -- politically incorrect signs, mostly  -- and they've been doing this for well over 100 years. 

The Comic Cowboys annually make parade-goers laugh, and alternately make them angry. If nothing else, they are an equal opportunity offender -- happy to make fun of any topic that comes their way. 

But WKRG News 5 says the complaints about this year's parade are "pouring in," and now they're asking if the Comic Cowboys went too far.  

In a word, yes! The Comic Cowboys go too far every year. I can't defend them, nor would I try. 

The Uber sign is one that WRKG staffers say caused the most scrutiny, portraying your Uber ride in Prichard (or "Pritchitt," as the Cowboys have been calling the city for years) is likely a police vehicle. As most locals know, Prichard has been plagued by crime for years. 

I actually thought the sign behind it (also pictured) crossed the line and wasn't at all funny. I was not really bothered by the Uber sign, because crime is an issue in Prichard, and I don't mind the Comic Cowboys or anyone else shining a light on important issues... or corrupt politicians. Of course, now it's about doing something constructive about our problems. 

So yeah, I expect to be offended by the Comic Cowboys. I also like that they call it as they see it, even when I totally disagree, and that they make the powerful uncomfortable. The Comic Cowboys went too far this year, like they do every year. But so long as there's a point to it and it really is "without malice," I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Follow THIS LINK to see the Comic Cowboys photo gallery and judge for yourself.  But one more warning: there's plenty of controversial content in these photos.

And for another perspective, here's Lawrence Specker's take on the parade over at



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