Mayor Stimpson Was A Member of the Comic Cowboys


UPDATE: City Councilman Joel Daves was also a member of the Comic Cowboys, and he also quit the group after this year's parade. 

Original story below...


After watching the Comic Cowboys this year, I wondered why Mayor Sandy Stimpson hadn't endure any tough barbs directed his way. Is it possibly because the mayor was a dues paying member of the Mardi Gras society?

Since 1884, the Comic Cowboys have skewered our politicians, our sports teams, our scandals. It's all supposedly "without malice," although this year's parade has been called out for going too far. There were some clearly racist signs that made their way into the parade, and the Comic Cowboys need to do much better. 

But overall, I've liked the Comic Cowboys because they have a platform to call it like they see it, even when I don't agree (frequently) -- and they "make the powerful uncomfortable." But let's be honest here, it's quite difficult to throw barbs at the powerful, when the powerful are in the Comic Cowboys organization. 

The mayor has now resigned from the group, and he says it had everything to do with the signs at this year's parade. 


Stimpson said that he had been a member for several years. ... But he said that when he saw this year's floats roll on Fat Tuesday, "It just impacted me in a different way."

"When I looked at it I knew then that, you know, we're trying to create One Mobile. And even though to some, what they're trying to do may be humorous, to others it's very hurtful. And so, as the mayor, I can't afford to be associated with an association that is being divisive, so I tendered my resignation." Stimpson said he had quit following the parade.

Mayor Stimpson did the right thing to move on, and he also says he's asked the Comic Cowboys to apologize. Expect it to be a campaign issue anyway. 

The Comic Cowboys will parade again next year, and should. They should also learn from their mistakes. Saying you're "without malice" doesn't make it cool to be malicious. Times are changing. If the Cowboys want to stay relevant, they'll need to try and catch up.


Follow this link to see the 2017 Comic Cowboys photo gallery and judge for yourself.  But one more warning: there's plenty of controversial content in these photos.




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