ICYMI: Woman's Face is Burned By Her Headphones

It looks worse than it is, more of a singed face than a burned face. But in case you missed this story, a woman flying from Melbourne to Beijing fell asleep with her noise-canceling headphones on and woke to them burning her face.  Flight attendants poured water on the headphones, which were still sparking(!), and took them to the back of the plane; but according to the woman at the center of all this, people were coughing for the rest of the flight. 

Scary stuff! 

This comes down to the batteries in our devices. Some are clearly better than others (looking at you, Samsung Galaxy Note 7), and at least the batteries were accessible to the flight crew -- allowing them to take decisive action. You do wonder how many batteries make it into checked bags, however, and passengers are now being told NOT to check batteries in their luggage. Don't do it! 

We haven't been told which headphones the woman was using, but I'm sure the aviation authorities in Australia (and hopefully our own) are taking a long hard look at the batteries they use. When batteries catch fire, they probably shouldn't be allowed on the plane -- even in the passenger compartment where there's a chance to do something about it.

Photo Credit: Australian Transport Safety Bureau



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