Blockbuster Video Still Exists


UPDATE (7/16/2018): The last two Blockbuster Video stores in Alaska will close during August, leaving just one store remaining. The resort town of Bend, Oregon still has a Blockbuster -- and it's a bit of a tourist attraction at this point.

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We all remember Blockbuster Video. I used to go to the store in the Loop area of Mobile to rent videos and then DVDs. They were a product of our generation that we thought would be around forever. But then came Netflix, first by mail and then streaming video. Blockbuster tried to do its own mail service, too, but mail isn't where it's at either -- not anymore. 

Gradually, the 9,000 Blockbuster stores have faded away. But there are still a few left, and they survive in areas where internet service isn't all that -- making streaming difficult. According to the website Quartz,  nine of the dozen or so locations left are in Alaska. There are three more in Oregon, including the resort town of Bend. That kinda makes sense, as visitors might not have access to great internet, but you can do it old school and head to the video store.

The crazy thing is that Blockbuster didn't need to go away -- well, not the brand. Back in 2000, the CEO of Netflix offered to partner with Blockbuster and was laughed out of the room. Just think, you could be watching Stranger Things or 13 Reasons Why on Blockbuster today. Instead, Blockbuster went bankrupt and barely exists today. And Netflix.... well, it's poised for world domination.



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