How to Find ALL the Netflix Shows

The list of movies and shows to watch on Netflix seems endless. Scroll down through a Netflix menu and you find category after category of Netflix content, which has been curated based on your preferences. What you say you like, and what you say you didn't like. The algorithm is so sophisticated that Netflix thinks they can identify the genres of programming you prefer based on your viewing habits. 

So why don't they know I like historical drama?

And that's the problem. If Netflix hasn't offered you a genre of programming in all those lists , how are you going to watch it? You could search for a particular movie or show, I guess, and then Netflix would learn that's what you like.  But there's a much easier, less complicated way. All those genres are broken down and coded so that Netflix can customize the programming it offers you. 

So why not just get the code?

Netflix doesn't actually publish the list of codes, but we have the internet and seemingly all the world's information at our fingertips -- including a comprehensive list of 27,002 Netflix genre codes.  #Excessive

Here's how it works.

  1. On a computer, log in to your Netflix account.
  2. Then in a separate window, go to this extended list of Netflix genres or this comprehensive list. My advice, the comprehensive list is just too big; you'll get a lot of single movie/show categories, and you want to find a selection of shows. Use the extended list instead.
  3. Find a genre you like, and click to see what's available. You can add movies and shows to your watchlist, and then Netflix should get the hint that you like this genre.

One caveat: Netflix is a big company with worldwide reach. The selection varies from country to country. Even Canadian Netflix is different than its American version. Some of the codes won't work everywhere, but I've found it's pretty good.

So back to Netflix not knowing that I like historical drama? Maybe because of more than 27,000 specific genres, historical drama isn't one of them. For a company that breaks down our tastes to the most minute details, maybe it's too broad a category



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